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The Body Yard

Rocky has a great life. He runs a very successful recycling yard and a couple of flourishing restaurants. His wife and family have wonderful parties and he is a pillar of the community. His younger brother Ray on the other hand, not so prolific. He is a drunk, degenerate gambler, and a womanizer. The family tries to help him but after so many times enough is enough and there is nothing they can do except pray that he turns his life around. If he doesn’t do that soon his wife will leave him. Ray doesn’t even show up at his brothers party leaving his wife alone to make excuses. Rocky has always looked out after him but after missing work so many days at the recycling yard, he is also at the end of his rope. Rocky is given an ultimatum from his wife to step in and do something to save his wife’s sisters marriage. Reluctantly Rocky gives in and sets things in action.


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