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Salvage Yard Shine Boys


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Salvage Yard "Shine" Boys  is a Patriotic Family Faith-Based film series that tracks a young country western singer's journey to stardom. While Kat is working for her moonshining, but functioning, alcoholic parents and grandfather at the Salvage Yard, she writes music and sings at her church and local talent shows.  Kat is a gifted artist, but her greatest gift is the angel who sings words of encouragement and urges her to help bring her bitter (Vietnam Veteran) Grandfather back to the church. However, she gets kidnapped by an old high school bully turned hardened criminal who is seeking revenge against the family. Kat’s father and uncle who have been estranged for over 21 years must put their differences aside to bring her home.

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Brothers torn apart by jealousy, unite in the face of danger, testing their faith and causing some unexpected revelations.


Christopher Hensel


Writer/Producer/Director Christopher Hensel, who played motorcycle cousin Jeb Stuart Duke on the Dukes of Hazzard and Captain California on Saturday mornings, wants to show the world that we can make wonderful Family Faith Based films, and we plan to do just that, starting with Salvage Yard Shine Boys!

Christopher began his professional career during the mid-70s in Pittsburgh, PA working for Don Brockett Productions (Don was Chef Brockett on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood).  Later, Chris starred in two original Off Broadway shows.  These experiences provided him the opportunity to develop original characters and learn various facets of stage direction and production.  Knowing he had “the bug,” Christopher left Pitt University- where he was studying engineering- & drove to Los Angeles, CA. to help a friend who was the director of a popular soap opera.   While in LA, he fell in love with on-camera acting & decided to enroll in acting classes.  Chris’ story is not the proverbial he was working out on Venice Beach & was discovered.   Chris’ big  break came after a chance meeting with the Dukes of Hazzard executives at CBS and Warner Brothers.  As a result, he was cast in the role of  Jeb Stuart Duke, a series regular for the  1980-1981 season.   As part of the Duke’s family, he did a guest appearance on The Family Feud with Richard Dawson & the stars of Dallas, It’s a Living, & The Jeffersons.  After a writer’s strike ended his CBS contract,  Christopher made his debut on NBC’s Saturday

morning, The Kids Super Power Hour with Shazam.  He starred in the leading  role of Captain California.  Captain Cal sang the opening theme song & recorded 14 songs for the nationally syndicated production  which earned Chris national attention.  Following his cartoon career, Chris procured film & tv roles with A list actors such as Christopher Reeves in Cobbs Law, Patrick Swayze & Keenan Ivory Wayans in The Renegades & , Telly Savalas in a Kojak tv CBS movie of the week.  These experiences permitted him to study under the direction of acclaimed director Nicholas Corea as well as other very gifted directors.

Christopher married & chose to raise his family away from the Hollywood scene.  Since those days, he  has appeared on several Soap Operas, Movies, Broadway Tours, & Cruise Ships.   In addition, he recorded an easy listening album, Tell the Wind.  With his distinctive baritone-tenor  voice, he sang at weddings & funerals, & became the choir director at his church.   In an effort to introduce his youngest daughter to theatre, he became active in several community theatre groups.  However, all of his acting experience could not prepare him for his most challenging role yet- that of cancer patient.    

In 2011, Chris  was diagnosed with Throat Cancer.   After battling the disease for several years with chemotherapy, intense radiation, & faithful prayer,  he won the role of cancer survivor.   Sadly, the cancer took away his ability to sing- a gift Chris greatly treasured.  It was difficult to live with such a loss.  Chris embarked on a  journey to reinvent himself, to identify what the Lord had planned for him next.    He began attending Dukes of Hazzard Celebrity events and Comic Cons.   It was refreshing to attend events that seemed to be filled with like-minded people who yearned for wholesome entertainment  from their youth.  Drawing from his many years in the entertainment industry, Chris began writing & producing family, faith based films.  God has blessed him with a myriad of associates that share his vision. Together with the grace of God, the members of Jeb Stuart Productions strive to make a difference in our increasingly morally corrupt & complex world. 

Nicolas Osborne


Nicolas Osborne has over 12 years of experience working in the technology field. He began his career at a very young age by operating the sound booth, installing live sound and recording equipment at a church in Abingdon, Virginia. Throughout high school, Nicolas voluntarily assisted many staff members at his school with their technology issues. He also gave tutorials on 3D printing to students and staff. Furthering his career, Nicolas obtained a degree in Information Technology with Specialization in Networking. Working as the Media Manager Jeb Stuart Production by managing media sites, emails, domains, still photography for BTS, and various other technology needs. Additionally, he is working as an Information Technology & Events Support Specialist, he assists customers with a wide variety of technology issues that they may have. He operates the sound booth during events such as, concerts, workshops, banquets, expos, and speaker sessions. Nicolas also performs many installations, including Extron systems, projectors, digital signage, and conferencing systems.


Jeff O'Lear

Magic Touch Entertainment

"A beautifully written and directed story that has many colorful characters. “Salvage Yard Shine Boys” has a warm country feel with a touch of heart, music, family, and redemption. And watch out for Ashley Hensel (Kat) who is an up and coming actress, musician, and song writing dynamo!"

Rob Young

Empire Estate Sales

"Our team at Empire Estate Sales had the chance to preview “Salvage Yard Shine Boys” last night. If you love drama, suspense and great music, you’re going to love this movie."

Paul Baker

Justice League Estate Sales

"All of us from Justice League Estate Sales had the unique opportunity to watch a private screening of  the film “Salvage Yard Shine Boys”. We absolutely loved it. Byron Cherry had everyone in stitches and Kat’s performance and music are amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a better motion picture about overcoming fears and when family gets together, they help make dreams come true. Can’t wait for the soundtrack as well."

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Director of Photography

Director of Photography



Screenplay By

Chris Hensel

Chris Hensel

Bb. Shores

Chris Hensel

Jack Farr

Sean Keightley

Ed Ramsey

Kenneth Mahan

Keith Montgomery

Bb. Shores

Chris Hensel

Tommy Evans

Gary Bosek

Tommy Evans

Spencer Geary

Tommy Evans

Chris Hensel

Teri Lynn Hensel

Tommy Evans and

Bj Mezek


Deputy Bubba





    Sheriff Bradford

Johnny Rockman

Becky Jo Rockman


Doc McQuire

Tommy Boy


Clayton Q

Brian Wyer

Young Ken

Young Becky Jo   


                        ATF Agent Schuler

Racetrack Jack

Racetrack Tour Girl

Mrs. Bradford


                               Kens shop crew

Mike Mahan

               Football Game Announcer

Darby Rockman

Shelby Rockman

Sean Flanigan


Cookie’s son





Circle Boy

Billy Bob



                                   Young Johnny   

Young Mike

Young Gloria

Young Bubba

Young Richard

Young Becky Jo

ATF Agent Shamansky









School Teacher

Schoolroom Students










Mike's Moonshiners

Fire Companies

Byron Cherry

Ken Mahan

Cindy Wills

Ashley Hensel

Grimy Grimes

Bob Alford

Kelly Kidd

Carla Kidd

Vic Gonzalez

Andrew Mote

Mitch Marchand

Obediah Mathis

Clayton Q

Brian Wyer

Jacob Allen

Desiree Montgomery

Tony Lawson

Tracy Townsend

Jack Farr

Jaslynn Dillon

Sunday Flint

James Gilliland

Todd Matthews

Curt Louder

Donny Andrews

Kelsey Holder

Laurie Pallotta

Dillon Adams

Jim Bordwine

Baron Bordwine

Kristen Baggett

Keith Montgomery

Paul Baker - Tonk

Vernon Roach

Brad Davis

Jose Avelar - Donk

Drake Brainard

Mike Mahan

Heath Bromley   

Tristan Nokes  

Hannah Skaar  

Asher Chamoy

Kelby Kuempel 

Desiree Montgomery

Gary Bosek

Bob Conley

Caleb Barnal  

Steve Kilpatrick

Amber Bernal

Mollye King

Kaylee George

Desiree Montgomery

Karli Evans

Hannah Skaar

John Iwanonkiw

Sarah Page

Tammy Anderson

Avari Brooks

Trinity Good

Kaylee Thompson

Lloyd Milne

Steve Maples

Jerry SoRelle

Billy Dill

Noah Thompson

Robert “Big Sexy” Rohrbaugh

John Haley

Kevin Thacker (Sparky)

Nicolas Osborne

Liberty Chapel VFD

Grandview VFD

Alvarado FD


Director of Photography

Director of Photography

First Assistant Camera

Second Assistant Camera

Third Assistant Camera

First Assistant Director

Second Assistant Director

Third Assistant Director

Script Supervisor

Lighting Head

Assistant Lights

Sound Supervisor

Assistant Sound

Gaffer/Best Boy

Stunt Coordinator



Art Department

Set Designer

Set Decorator


Assistant Props



Head of Security

Arial Videograpgher

Make-up & Hair TN

Make-up & Hair TX

Location Manager

Pyrotechnic Head

Transportation Head

Still Photographer



Law Enforcement Consultant

Legal Counsel

Locations Special Thanks

Tommy Evans

Gary Bosek

Jayson Litrio

Levi Montgomery

Dustin Montgomery

Obediah Mathis

Jacob Allen

Spencer Geary

Brianna Montgomery

John Iwanonkiw

Levi Montgomery

Dustin Montgomery

Brian Wyer

Joseph Standefer

Jacob Allen

John Weyrick

Ken Mahan

John Weyrick

Seth Jefferson

Shelley Wilson

Zip Gatton

Shelley Wilson

Curt Louder

Melinda Montgomery

Brianna Montgomery

Amber Bernal

Grimy Grimes

Mike Likehart

Ashley Tucker

Staci Owen

Keith Montgomery

Michael Percifield

Josh Reiser

Nicolas Osborne

Paul Baker

Danny Simmons Ferreira

Lawson Thresher

Richard Bullard

Alexander Murphy Jr., Esq.

The Hitchin’ Post Chapel


McCoys Lumber

Motor Sport Ranch

Xotyic Drive

Kauffman Leadership Academy

Mahan’s Salvage Yard

Tim Page's Salvage Yard

Meek Garage

Crosier/Pearson Funeral Parlor

John Percifield Farm

Ward Campbell Old Gas Station

Steel Coops Restaurant

Iron & Oaks Banquet Facility

Joel Thacker Auto Parts

Grandview ISD Football Stadium

Songbird Live

Montgomery Alternator & Starter

Wonderland Dance Academy

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