"Salvage Yard Shine Boys"
We are now meeting with several distribution companies as we edit the film. Stay tuned for our big release date this year!

Salvage Yard "Shine" Boys tracks a young country singer's journey through life.

Kat is a gifted artist, but her greatest gift is the angel who sings words
of encouragement and urges her to help bring her bitter (Veteran)

Grandfather back to the church. 

However, she gets kidnapped by an old high school bully turned hardened criminal who is seeking revenge against the family. Kat’s father and uncle who have been estranged for over 21 years must put their differences aside and try to bring her safely home... Learn More



Independent Films are always the way to go!


Drive in Theaters are BACK!

Stop the madness and be vigilant!

The stock market isn’t always the place.

Here is the best Alternative in my opinion!

Film buffs of all ages still by DVD's and Still go to the MOVIES!!!!!!

Now is your chance to become part of JSP's family.  

Meeting with Distributors now!

1. First Film: Salvage Yard "Shine" Boys     WRAPPED!

A Family -Faith Based Film Trilogy WRAPPED April 11th, 2021.

We are in Post editing as we speak to be released by end of 2021!

Up next in no particular order. Whatever is funded first wins.

1. Suspicious Minds: Murder/Suspense Thriller Film Series

2. Second Film:  A Texas Ghost Story!

3. Texas Rose and her Vigilante!

3. Mustang & The Paper Girl

4. 2 Star Dukes: Dirt Race Car Track/Moonshine Action Film

5. My Broken Road To Faith!

6. Saturday Night Cruising!


1. Estate Liquidation Wars: Pilot was filmed in Ocala, Fl.

2. Salvage Yard Creations: Filming in Cookeville, TN now.

3. The Songbird Live: Music in Cleburne, TX


Salvage Yard "Shine" Boys

Wholesome Family Film Company