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Writer/Producer/Director Christopher Hensel, Jeb Stuart Duke of the Dukes of Hazzard, is looking for A Major Company Sponsor and/or Family Business Sponsorship, that would love to Support bringing back  Wholesome, Friendly, FAITH-BASED Family Movies. Jeb Stuart Productions would love to use your company’s products in the premier Movie which is the first of three films called Salvage Yard “Shine” Boys.


Salvage Yard "Shine" Boys is a Wholesome Family Faith based film series that tracks a young country singer's journey through life.

While Kat is working for her moonshining, but functioning, alcoholic father and grandfather at the Salvage Yard, she writes music and sings at her church and local talent shows.  

Kat is a gifted artist, but her greatest gift is the angel who sings words of encouragement and urges her to help bring her bitter (Veteran) Grandfather back to the church.

However, she gets kidnapped by an old high school bully turned hardened criminal who is seeking revenge against the family. Kat’s father and uncle who have been estranged for over 21 years must put their differences aside to try and bring her home.


      BYRON CHERRY as Deputy Bubba Bradford


When was the last time you felt comfortable watching a film with your family without worrying about its content?  This series reflects the Christian values of the McGrath family who are dealing with bitter estrangements, bending the law to make ends meet, relying on faith in moments of both joy and heartache, and fighting tooth and nail to fulfill their destinies.  Appropriate for all ages, this slice of Americana will feature special musical guest stars, car chases, and a literal barn burning finale that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Jeb Stuart Productions was formed to put Family and Faith back into the film industry. 

The first movie of the series will be shot on location in Tennessee this Winter of 2019/2020 and released hopefully by the Spring of 2020.  Our vision is to provide investors who share a belief in God, & want to promote family values - the opportunity to bring wholesome family entertainment back into films.

Together we can make a huge difference in the content and making of Family Movies with world-wide distribution.

The Executive Summary and Business Plan have examples of what our film series is about. The closest one is the hugely popular I Can Only Imagine film which had a budget of $7,000,000. As of today, it has already grossed over $100,000,000.00

Our budget is 5 times less than the average feature film budget. Therefore, there is an excellent opportunity to make over 5-7 times your investment within 9-18 months!

My conservative predictions are around $12,000,000.00, but I truly believe we will be over $50,000,000 in a short time.  This is why we need your support. We want to share this vision with you. This film will help promote family values and your products.

Development money is closed and Production Funding is now open!

Production funding is open til September 30th , 2019 or until fully funded.

Our team will be filming with several major stars & new Country and Inspirational music.

Total Film Budget: $1.4 Million. Bernie Nelson singer/songwriter is on the team.

Sonny Shroyer as ATF Agent Robert Schuler


We have agreements with several stars and are in talks with Mac Davis, Larry Gatlin, Ron Cox & Billy Ray Cyrus.

Sonny Shroyer, Fred Griffith, and Byron Cherry are in.

Kenneth Mahan as Kenneth McGrath


Ashley Hensel as Kat McGrath

Ashley McBryde, Tanya Tucker, Larry Wilcox & Charlie Daniels are all Interested.

Confederate Railroad are involved as well.




Jeb Stuart Productions


Email:  thejebstuartduke@gmail.com  774-318-1488

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