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Press Release

Jeb Stuart Duke AKA Chris Hensel here from the original Dukes of Hazzard TV show. Jeb Stuart Productions is now seeking the final funding stage of it’s new Family Faith-Based film trilogy known as Salvage Yard “Shine” Boys

This movie is about family, faith, country & spiritual music, moonshine, car chases & Fun! We are here to announce our new collaboration with Country artists Twang & Round as Singers/Actors and Associate Producers! They will add an amazing element to this movie trilogy by opening up more opportunities for local investors to help us independently produce this first film which will be shot locally in KY and TN. Now is your chance to get on board & be a part of history!

For more information email Chris at or Twang & Round at


Actor/Writer/Producer/Director Christopher Hensel, cousin Jeb Duke on the Dukes of Hazzard is calling all fans to reach out to your friends and family and businesses who want to Support and be a part of movie history by helping bring back good ol’ family style movies.


We have a unique offer for a large Trucking Company.

We have many  chase scenes where there will be

several trucks being used and we have need for a

couple of warehouses with loading docks etc.

Here is the Unique offer: I am writing the next

Big Americana Trucking movie along the lines of

Smokey and the Bandit, BJ and the Bear etc. The first

Trucking Company that comes in with us at the

Minimum of 1/3 the budget for Salvage Yard “Shine”

boys will not only be the sole trucking company used

in the movie but, I will also write their story into my

fictitious trucking story and use their trucks and

products exclusively and their ONE Main Location for

the Trucking Movie! Call for the Movie Synopsis today!

Offer is good until May 31th.

Thank you for your time. God Bless You All!.

Chris Hensel


Production Executive Summary


Twang & Round

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