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My Broken Road to Faith

A Faith-Based, Patriotic, Family film considered to be the modern day biblical story of JOB. This Film is based on the true life story of Staff Sergeant William Kleinedler, where on his first mission in Iraq, Staff Sergeant Kleinedler’s HUMV is blown up and engulfed in flames as it ran over an IED. However, miraculously , his life is literally saved by St. Michael the Archangel. This incredible, almost unbelievable, life-changing experience, is the guiding light through the darkness as we follow his life story from that moment on. We see flashbacks, tremendous trials and tribulations,  including lost loves. We watch him progress through many skin grafts and constant surgeries, , until he finally loses sight of his faith completely, to the point of utter despair and wanting to end it all.  All this time he is also struggling with PTSD... READ MORE


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