Salvage Yard "Shine" Boys

Casting call for the feature film “SALAVAGE YARD “SHINE” BOYS”. Many lead roles are available. LEAD ROLES WILL BE PAID! Filming will be one week in Tennessee and five weeks in Texas. Cleburne and Cresson, Texas area for filming March 8th - April 10th, 2021. Some leads will be filming the first week of March in Cookeville and Livingston, Tennessee. LOCAL ACTORS ONLY AS WE ARE ON A SMALL BUDGET AND YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING TO AND FROM SET. You will also be using your own wardrobe. ALL NON DESCRIPT CLOTHING. Part of film is in 1985 at a local high school so you will need to have your clothes and hair do’s for this era. This is a day and evening shoot with a football game and a bonfire. The rest of the shoot will be in Present day.

How to Audition:

Please look at the character description that best suits you and use the sides (PDF) to film a short video of yourself for that scene. Include the video, headshots, resume, and contact information and email it to We will then email you the time and location for Callbacks if you fall into our view of the characters.

NOTE: Callbacks will be in Cleburne, Texas by appointment only after we view all submissions.


Tommy Boy McGrath

Age: 19-23

Younger brother of Kat. Main delivery runner of the shine business. Great with cars and girls but a bit too cocky and is always in trouble with the law in little ways like speeding and traffic offenses and always manages to wiggle out and leave no trace of shine anywhere as Grady always says don’t let em catch you with any evidence son.


Chief Richard Bradford

Age: 48-60

Chief of Police , BIG MAN lifelong friend of the Mahan Brothers, by the book kind of guy but also a softy as he grew up in the town and knows everyone, so there is history with his classmates.



Age: 36-59

Right hand man and top mechanic to Ken, can do and fix anything and if it can’t be done, he finds a way with unbelievable timing and speed. Loyal and always there.


Doc McGuire

Age: 36-45

Medical Doctor by day but the Colorful owner of Porkchops and a big customer of Ken’s shine business. Again same guy/gal with good make up for both 1995 to Present Day.


Johnny Rockman

Age: 55-65

(Antagonist of the group. Marries Becky Jo Masters and has two girls who want to be singers (Shelby and Darby). ATF agents are called to town because of his theft and mayhem.


Becky Jo Masters

Age: 48-63

Wife of Johnny Rockman. Scorned by Kenneth she never gets over not being with so she makes life miserable for everyone and def wants to harm the McGraths.


Shelby Rockman

Age: 21-27

Oldest daughter of Johnny n Becky Jo. Works as a waitresses at Porkchops as they need the money, and both have dreams of becoming country western singing sensations.


Darby Rockman

Age: 19-25

Youngest daughter


Young Ken

Age: 17-21

1995 ERA


Young Gloria

Age: 16-21

1995 ERA


Young Mike

Age: 16-18

1985 ERA



Age: 35-59

Another of Mike’s gang, he is another cooker of “shine” and just ask him how he got his name, go ahead. Has to be a good back story line there.


Young Richard

Age: 17-19

Big guy


Young Bubba

Age: 16-19

Will be cast after main roles


Young Johnny

Age: 17-21

1985 ERA


Choir Director

Age: 27-60

Male or Female, must have directing experience 

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